The idea had been brewing for some time. With the coronavirus on the rise, I noticed Zoom was being used for everything from business meetings to family reunions. I figured if I could combine the two concepts it might be a unique and timely idea, but one that also required a unique subject. Something really special. Something so compelling that everyone just has to watch. Then it hit me. The most compelling subject that I could think of is from a book I read about 10 years ago, Garret Loporto's The DaVinci Method.

Essentially it's about the 10% of us that lead the way for the rest. Innovators in all fields propelling the human race forward and shaping the future. DaVincis are not only fascinating to me for their contributions and Renaissance man qualities. I'm also interested in the inevitable dark side that a lot of DaVincis seem to exhibit. It seems that being a DaVinci comes at a price.

For me, the book was a revelation. It even helped to answer questions about my own darkness. I kind of consider it my guide book.


There are still plenty of DaVincis around. The goal is to get them on the show and talk to them, maybe even get inside their heads a little. Find out what makes them tick....that's exciting to me.


A show like this would need a whole new format, a casual forum designed to let the conversation flow.  I never much liked those stodgy interviews with the same old questions and the same old answers. I want the audience to be a fly on the wall for a more intimate and revealing conversation. Picture two friends at a bar or coffee shop, places where truths are told.


More often than not DaVincis are multi-talented people, it would be fun to ask a great actor about his painting, or ask a brilliant brain surgeon about her poetry. I just want to open the perimeters a bit and keep the possibilities unexpected. I want my guests to run the full range of DaVincis from actors to adventurers, astronauts to CEOS, and artists to Olympians. I want the guests  to  raise my game, to  challenge  my desire  for  excellence  and  my  hunger   to   understand
A DaVinci Life.


Rusty Johnson
Host of A DaVinci Life